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Obstacles, distractions, or temptation should not hold you back from fulfilling your purpose.

Why ‘Doughty’?

Doughty is not only a name, it is a synonym for bravery and persistence.

It is a philosophy that underpins how we support organizations, and how we believe we should all be if we want to make the world a better place.

To be ‘doughty’ is to be bold.

Doughty definition

About Doughty Consultancy

Founded in 2019, we provide consultancy and freelance policy and communications expertise, and build internal capacity through training and facilitation.

Doughty Consultancy is led by Netherlands-based policy and communications specialist Richard Doughty. Originally from the UK, Richard has helped purpose-led organizations around the world achieve impact with their policy and communications efforts.

As a former lobbyist and campaigner in the NGO, charity, and public policy sectors, Richard has held various advisory and leadership roles, including as Chair of the ‘Commission on the Leadership and Direction of Civil Society’, and as a member of ministerial advisory committees and trustee boards.

You can find Richard on Linkedin .