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Our clients do amazing work. We want to celebrate a few of them here.

Rainforest Alliance

About Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance envisions a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. They are creating a more sustainable world by using social and market forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities.

How Doughty Consultancy helped

Through interim management and consultancy support, Doughty Consultancy worked with both policy and communication teams from Rainforest Alliance on several projects, including;

  • A new organizational narrative
  • Content strategy and function development
  • Bespoke audience segmentation and profiling tools

How you can help

We can all use our power as consumers and choose products that are made more sustainably. Look for the Rainforest Alliance frog.

You can find out more ways to support Rainforest Alliance here.

Richard helped us bridge the gap between in-depth policy knowledge and impactful communication in a way that not only increased our impact but also ensured a long term shift in ways of working. He has a genuine openness and curiosity that builds trust and helps connect teams. Coupled with his communication know-how he alleviated fears, helped pin point the important messages, and created an inclusive and thorough process to elevate our advocacy and policy communications.

Emma Harbour – Global Director Advocacy & Themes, Rainforest Alliance

World Business Council for Sustainable Development


The World Business Council for Sustainable Development brings together transformational organizations to form a global community that shifts the systems they work within towards a better future.

How Doughty Consultancy helped

Working extensively with the Marketing, Communications & Events directorate, Doughty Consultancy supported with;

  • Content strategy development
  • Function development toward strategic partnership
  • Multi-day off-site facilitation

How you can help

WBCSD supports businesses with how to be more sustainable. You can share their guidance and materials with your network.


About Solidaridad

For more than 50 years, Solidaridad has worked to make global supply chains more sustainable. They bring together supply chain players and engage them with innovative solutions to improve production, ensuring the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy.

How Doughty Consultancy helped

Working regularly with the policy and communications colleagues. Doughty Consultancy regularly supports Solidaridad and the Sustainable Cotton Hub with a variety of projects, including;

  • Policy reports and position papers
  • Media releases
  • Thought-leadership articles

How you can help

You can learn more about supporting Solidaridad’s work here.

Richard helped IDH-Sustainable Trade Initiative and Solidaridad to create a story for key business stakeholders. Richard masters creating functional stories and is a great trainer in presentation.

Bram Verkerke – Press Officer, Solidaridad Europe

European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)

About EPHA

EPHA is Europe’s leading NGO alliance advocating for better health. They are a member-led organisation made up of public health NGOs, patient groups, health professionals and disease groups, working to improve health and strengthen the voice of public health in Europe.

How Doughty Consultancy helped

Working with policy specialists, Doughty Consultancy has provided policy-event facilitation and messaging support, including;

How you can help

You can learn more about supporting EPHA’s work here, and if you are a public health NGO you can join EPHA as a member.

Richard helped EPHA thanks to his great organizational skills to prepare a complex media launch. His amazing moderation was valuable for our online event. Working with Richard was always a real pleasure!

Matteo Barisione – Policy Manager, EPHA


About Wyseminds

Wyseminds helps women founders grow purpose-led businesses. Combining the lived experiences of women entrepreneurs with established growth theories, they believe in finding freedom for every female entrepreneur.

How Doughty Consultancy helps

We support Wyseminds with consultancy services to help translate complex growth concepts into meaningful and resonant messages – including through regular workshops for women business owners that support them on a path to seamless and joyful growth.

How you can help

If you know a business owner, let them know they can join Wysemind’s free online workshop that will help them grow their business.

Richard has been fundamental in turning passion into purpose and outcome for us. It’s sometimes hard when you have made your idea to make that difference into a company and want to give everybody everything and for it happen now! Having the relationship with such a professional who is so skilled at turning the complex into something that others truly understand and want to join has enabled me to trust enough to let go, take advice and communicate in a different way to get a more impactful result. Finding solutions with informed debate are essential in today’s world to find a broader solution and Richard’s breadth of experience, his passion for knowledge and interest in the importance of doing the right thing simply makes a difference which is priceless!

Julie Perkins – Founder, Wyseminds

Victim Support Scotland

About Victim Support Scotland

Victim Support Scotland is an independent charity providing support and information to people affected by crime, and campaigning for victim and witness rights.

How Doughty Consultancy helped

We worked with colleagues across VSS to develop a comprehensive 5 year plan for their policy campaigns, coinciding with a new multi-year organisational strategy, an election manifesto, and a new Scottish Parliament.

Campaigns included:

  • Establishing a new Victims’ Commissioner
  • 21st Century Support for Victims
  • Embed Trauma-Informed Practice

How you can help

Find out how you can support Victim Support Scotlands’ work here.

Richard provided us with a tremendous amount of support in developing our proactive policy plans. As a busy third sector organisation, it’s sometimes hard to get the time and breathing space to develop strategies properly and see the bigger picture. Through a series of meetings and online workshops we were able to realise some of our policy goals. Richard’s knowledge and down-to-earth approach helped create a safe space for us to think both strategically and realistically about what our priorities should be for policy influencing.

Mike Findlay – Head of Communications & External Affairs, Victim Support Scotland



The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) is the professional association for specialist lawyers in the UK. They provide an accessible and affordable route to a career in law, meaning they are the most diverse legal profession in the UK.

How Doughty Consultancy helped

We provided consultancy services to CILEX’s policy team, supporting the development of key policy messaging, policy administration systems, and supporting member engagement on policy matters. We also supported the Institute’s leadership with speech-writing and public-speaking coaching.

How you can help

If you know someone thinking of a career in law, share CILEX’s route with them.

Richard provides you with techniques, tricks and perfect advice that will give you confidence in delivering speeches. He is excellent to work with and puts you at ease at all times. I have employed his advice to all aspects of my work.

Matthew Foster FCILEx – Past President, Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

Mercy Ships

About Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is an international NGO providing medical care and local skills development in developing countries through volunteer-run hospital ships. They have served more than two million people in developing countries with medical operations and development projects with a handful of ships.

How Doughty Consultancy helped

Doughty Consultancy has provided persuasion training to members of the Mercy Ships team, as well as messaging support for promotional video content.

How you can help

You can donate or volunteer to support Mercy Ships’ work.

Additional Testimonials

Richard taught us all about how being a champion for something bigger can enhance your business offering and help you to be bolder in what you do. We got the tools and methods for thinking about our purpose, building knowledge, growing partnerships, and how to persuade people. We even got a “Geek Cheat Sheet” as Richard calls it, helping us become the subject matter expert in our cause.

Lara Wilkens – Founder, Business Breakfasts

Relatable, friendly, funny and relaxed in the way you talk and engage the crowd. I was very excited about the content you shared with us. Super professional, very insightful and quality information. Very proud we got to share that with the community!

Marleen Mulder – Future Females & The xGen Co-Founder

You have managed to effectively explain a full-semester course in under 90 minutes and make it interesting too. I have had courses that included this topic before, but for some reason, it never really clicked with me if that makes sense. Whereas now, I immediately get excited to tell some co-workers about what you taught during the training. I really enjoyed it and feel like I have learned a lot of things that I can put into practice from now on, and made some new connections.

Eleah – Persuasion training participant

Your workshop has definitely given me great insights. Really useful. You’re an excellent trainer, you explained how it works in a calm and pleasant way – I really like your style of training.

Ling – Communication Skills workshop participant

The way Richard is always able to engage and motivate the listener while giving a workshop is incredible. He has a way to make complex things simple and make you believe in yourself. Every time after his workshops I feel confident and inspired.

Loviisa Vahavuori – Näpp Founder & Workshop participant